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Bangalore's IT Elite Demand Netflix Up Their Desi Content Game

The keyboard warriors of Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley, have spoken again. And their message? Bridgerton (Season 3) is basically just Peppa Pig  for adults, with plunging necklines! Apparently, the regency romp hasn't quite tickled the fancy of India's IT elite, who, it seems, crave content a little spicier than high tea and British accent.

The firestorm began with a now-viral tweet from Rajeev, the ever-so-serious IT Manager of a "disruptive" food delivery app. "Bridgerton is nothing but Peppa Pig for adults! We want better shows! Don't fool us with British mumbo-jumbo! #letsdobetternetflix", he declared. 

Rajeev's tweet struck a chord with his fellow Bangalorean brethren. Soon, the hashtag #letsdobetternetflix was trending faster than a server crash during Diwali sales.

"Where's the masala? Where's the saas-bahu drama that fuels our very existence?" demanded Sunita, a data analyst who moonlights as a meme queen. "We need shows that make us cry more than a hero's mother sacrificing her mangalsutra!"

One enterprising entrepreneur even launched a petition demanding Netflix commission a show titled "The IT Gal Who Fell in Love With Her Chai Wala." The synopsis? "Rajlaxmi, a brilliant but bespectacled programmer, pines for Bablu, the handsome chai wallah who serves the office a questionable concoction he calls 'coffee.'" Yes, groundbreaking television, folks.

Meanwhile, Netflix executives in California were left scratching their heads. "Wait, they don't like period dramas with gossip and steamy glances?", one bewildered exec allegedly said. "But. . . but. . . corsets! and that accent?"

Unfazed by the confusion, the Indian netizens continued their crusade. Memes flooded social media, depicting characters from popular Indian shows like "Saath Nibhana Saathiya" inserted into Bridgerton scenes. Imagine the 'bahu' dramatically fainting in the middle of a ball, only to be revived by a plate of jalebis. Pure comedic gold.

But amidst the hilarious outrage, a sliver of truth emerged. The Indian audience, with its diverse tastes and vibrant culture, craves more relatable content on streaming platforms. Sure, they enjoy a good Hollywood flick now and then, but sometimes, they just want to see themselves reflected on screen – the struggles of arranged marriages, the epic family feuds, the sheer joy of a perfectly spiced biryani.

So, here's the message to Netflix, delivered with all the love and passive aggression a desi auntie can muster:"We love you, Netflix, truly. But please, for the love of all things Bollywood, give us some decent desi content!We promise, it won't be all singing and dancing. . . well, maybe a little bit of dancing. "

Let's see if Netflix takes the bait. Until then, Bangalore's IT elite will continue their quest for the perfect streaming experience, one meme and social media rant at a time. After all, what else are they going to do during their never-ending tea breaks?

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