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Mumbai Man Blames AI Content, Champions Human-Written Content for Smooth "Sundas" Sessions

In a development that would leave even the most advanced AI speechless, 42-year-old Gaithonde Talpade, a Mumbai-based accounts manager, has launched a one-man crusade against the ever-encroaching tide of artificial intelligence-generated content. Talpade claims this robotic and repetitive content is a "bowel bane," wreaking havoc on his digestive system. He's advocating for a return to the comforting regularity and engagement of human-written content, the kind that used to make those "sundas" sessions (bathroom breaks, in local lingo) a breeze.

"Scrolling through AI-generated feeds these days feels like being bombarded by emotionless robots trying to sell you stuff," declared Talpade, throwing his hands up in exasperation. "These articles, ads, even jokes – they're all so sterile, so predictable, it leaves you feeling…well, empty inside. And let me tell you, that's not good for a smooth sundas experience. Gone are those days when I could settle in with a good viral news story and expect a satisfying result. Now, it's just...radio silence down below."

Talpade, sporting a well-worn Mumbai Indians t-shirt and a pair of spectacles perched precariously on his nose, is a self-proclaimed champion of the "human touch" during bathroom breaks. He believes the imperfections, the humor, the occasional absurdity of human-created content is what truly keeps our digestive systems – and our spirits – healthy.

"Think about it," he explained, his voice rising in passionate conviction. "A good, messy human-written article might surprise you, challenge you, even make you laugh. That kind of engagement, that emotional rollercoaster, keeps your gut churning in all the right ways!"

The medical community is, as expected, skeptical. Dr. Anjali Desai, a leading Mumbai gastroenterologist, finds the theory amusing, but lacks concrete evidence. "The gut-brain connection is complex," she admitted. "There could be some truth to the idea that emotional engagement with content plays a role in digestion. But more research is needed."

Social media, however, is abuzz. #HumanContentForHappyGut is trending, with users divided between those who swear by Talpade's "Poop with Personality" philosophy and those who find it, well, a bit nutty. "Give me my perfectly curated AI feed any day," scoffed one influencer. "At least it doesn't give me the runs!"

Undeterred, Talpade is a man on a mission. He's launched a blog, "The Irregulars: Fighting for Real Content," where he reviews human-created content and waxes poetic about the virtues of a good, old-fashioned news article (with typos and all) during those crucial bathroom moments. "Look," he declared, a determined glint in his eye, "if everyone wants to achieve peak digestive wellness by ditching the robots and embracing the glorious messiness of human creativity in the sundas, that's their business. Just means there'll be more comfortable porcelain thrones for the rest of us!"

Scientists are now scrambling to investigate the potential link between AI-generated content and gut health. In the meantime, Mumbaikars (and the world) are left to ponder Talpade's theory. Perhaps the next time you reach for your phone during a bathroom break, consider seeking out a human-written story, a witty meme, or even a good, old-fashioned rant – just to see if it gets your digestive system singing (or at least functioning smoothly). After all, a little human touch might be just what the doctor – or, in this case, the plumber – ordered.

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