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Bangalore Unveils Double-Decker Flyover, Motorists Apply for Pilot's License

In a move that left even the ever-resourceful Bangaloreans scratching their heads, the city unveiled its most ambitious traffic solution yet - a double-decker flyover. Images of the behemoth, resembling a misplaced freeway on steroids, flooded social media, sparking both excitement and utter bewilderment.

"Is this some kind of VIP lane for flying cars?" quipped one netizen, Shashi Kumar, a daily commuter on the infamous Silk Board junction. "Maybe they'll finally have space for all the Namma Metro dreams they keep promising. "

The double-decker, a brainchild of the ever-optimistic Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), aims to tackle the city's legendary traffic woes. The lower deck will cater to regular vehicles, while the upper deck, a lofty 16 meters above ground, is reserved for the elusive Namma Metro (construction for which, according to conspiracy theorists, is a front for cultivating prize-winning gourds).

The announcement, however, was met with a healthy dose of skepticism. "Double-decker sounds fancy, " grumbled autorickshaw driver Ramesh. "But will it have proper indicators?Last time they built a flyover, half the lanes went the wrong way!"

Online driving schools have mushroomed overnight, offering crash courses ("pun intended!") in navigating the new aerial roadways. "We're teaching everything from merging etiquette to emergency parachute deployment, " said Dinesh, a beaming instructor at Bangalore's first "Flyover Flyer" academy.

Meanwhile, residents of Ejipura, a neighborhood notorious for its perpetually unfinished flyover, took to social media to express their displeasure. "#EjipuraFlyoverWhen?" trended for the umpteenth time, accompanied by photoshopped images of the structure being used as a makeshift clothesline or a venue for pigeon racing.

One enterprising resident, Rajeev, even started a "Guess the Completion Date" pool, with the current frontrunner being "the heat death of the universe. "

Undeterred by the online barbs, the BBMP remains bullish on the double-decker. "This is a revolutionary project, " declared BBMP commissioner Shanthakumari, sporting a pair of aviator sunglasses (presumably for future flyover inspections). "It will not only decongest traffic but also provide stunning aerial views of the city. . . once the dust settles, of course. "

However, Bangaloreans remain unconvinced. "We're a simple folk, " shrugged office worker Ananya. "We just want to get from point A to point B without feeling like we're on a theme park ride. Maybe a magic carpet would be easier?"

As the debate rages on, one thing is certain:Bangalore's traffic woes are far from over. But hey, at least they'll have a fancy new flyover to get stuck in – double the lanes, double the fun (or frustration)!

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