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Bangalore Company Founder Claims Brand Still Profitable Despite Missing Millions

Bengaluru, May 22, 2024 — Buyju Ravinder , the ever-optimistic founder of India’s leading 'dead-tech' unicorn, Buyju's, recently held a press conference that left everyone more puzzled than a student staring at a trigonometry equation. With the conviction of a motivational speaker and the financial acumen of a squirrel playing the stock market, Mr. Ravinder boldly declared that Buyju's wasn’t just afloat—it was thriving!

The Conference Hall: A Sinking Ship 

The conference hall resembled a sinking ship. Deckchairs masqueraded as regular chairs, life jackets were coupon codes for Buyju's coding classes (50% off your first existential crisis!), and the refreshments? Lukewarm tears served in sippy cups. But there sat Mr. Ravinder, perched on an inflatable rupee symbol, as if he were riding the bull market of delusion.

The Whispers of a Slowdown

“There have been whispers,” he boomed, his voice echoing dramatically, “whispers of a slowdown! Lies, I say! It is just FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Discount)! Buyju's is a shining example of Indian entrepreneurial spirit. We’re like a phoenix rising from the ashes…of our competitors’ burning investor money!”

Strategic Adjustments: Musical Chairs with Fewer Chairs

Mr. Ravinder admitted to “strategic adjustments.” Translation: musical chairs with fewer chairs. But fear not! This dynamic learning environment allows employees to wear multiple hats—teacher, janitor, therapist—all at once. Because who needs specialization when you can have chaos?

The “Frugal Learner’s Package”

Buyju's latest innovation—the “Frugal Learner’s Package”—replaces video lectures with students staring at a picture of Einstein. “It’s all about sparking curiosity,” explained Mr. Ravinder. Who needs actual teachers when you can absorb knowledge through osmosis? (Disclaimer: Side effects may include confusion and an inexplicable urge to grow wild hair.)

The Debt Denial

When asked about Buyju's mounting debt, Mr. Ravinder chuckled nervously. “Debt? What debt?” he exclaimed, eyes wide. “That’s just our way of giving back to the economy! We’re like a financial Robin Hood, except instead of stealing from the rich, we, uh…borrow heavily from them.”

The room erupted in gasps and awkward laughter. As the press conference concluded, Mr. Ravinder exited to forced applause and a shower of discount coupons. Buyju's may be sinking faster than a textbook in a monsoon, but hey, at least they’re offering discounts on the way down. Remember, folks, even the Titanic had a great band!

Disclaimer: This article is a work of satire. Any resemblance to real events or individuals is purely coincidental. And, No, Buyju's Alfaq does not endorse financial gymnastics.

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