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When Your Uber Driver Channels Bhagawan Surya

Let's face it, folks, in the sweltering crucible of an Indian summer, hailing an Uber is akin to summoning a chariot from the fiery pits of Hades. But what happens when your chariot driver, instead of cooling winds, offers you a lecture on frugality and a side dish of road rage?Buckle up, buttercup, because we're diving into the "Great Indian Chill War, " a saga as epic as the Mahabharata, but with significantly less kurta-clad archery.

The other day, yours truly (yes, a mildly heat-stroked version of yours truly) booked an Uber. The app promised a "cool" ride, which in Uber-speak apparently translates to "slightly less likely to spontaneously combust. " Imagine my utter horror when I entered the car, the air thick enough to slice with a butter knife, and the driver, sporting a determined glint in his eye, declared, "AC?What AC?This baby runs on pure garam masala!"

Apparently, my request for a semblance of coolness triggered a meltdown more dramatic than a Bollywood villain's final monologue. The driver, whom I shall henceforth call Surya (because that man radiated enough heat to rival the sun god himself), launched into a tirade about the evils of air conditioning.

"Madam, " he boomed, his voice a notch above a pressure cooker whistle, "AC is a conspiracy by the ice cream companies!They want you weak, craving their frozen treats!We Indians are warriors, forged in the fires of this glorious sun!"

Now, I'm all for embracing our inner Shakti, but battling a heatwave with the mere power of will seemed a tad ambitious. I attempted, ever so politely, to reason with Surya. "But sir, it's scorching outside!Won't the AC make the ride more comfortable?"

Surya scoffed. "Comfort?What comfort?Our ancestors travelled by camel, sweating like, well, like camels!We must embrace the heat, become one with it!" By this point, I was starting to hallucinate mirages of dancing ice cubes.

Desperate, I employed the ultimate weapon in any Indian's arsenal:guilt. "But sir, what about your fuel efficiency?Won't the AC use more petrol?" Bingo!Surya's tirade sputtered to a halt. He stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Fuel efficiency, you say. . . hmm, a valid point. But listen, a little heat builds character!"

Seeing a glimmer of hope, I pressed my advantage. "Sir, with the AC on, you won't get tired as easily. A cooler driver is a safer driver, wouldn't you agree?" Surya pondered this for a moment, then a sly grin spread across his face. "Hmm, safer driver, more rides, more tips. . . alright, alright, you win this round. But just a little cool, mind you. We don't want to become soft!"

The rest of the ride was blissfully cool (at least compared to the inferno that greeted us outside). Surya, however, continued to regale me with tales of his legendary heat tolerance, culminating in a challenge to hold a chili pepper eating contest at the end of the trip (a challenge I politely declined).

So, dear reader, the next time you encounter a Surya behind the wheel, remember, a little humor and a strategic appeal to their bottom line might just be the key to unlocking a cool and (hopefully) chili-free Uber ride. Just avoid suggesting ice cream; you might unleash a mythological metaphor you won't live to regret.

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